Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aguachile hacked for sure: Fernando Castro Trenti posts

Now it is no longer a coincidence:

A second old post I had about PRI senator Fernando Castro Trenti received a bunch of hits out of the blue, and when I checked the old post, the message was completely garbled.

This is exactly what happened to another post on Fernando Castro Trenti, which I wrote about here.

It seems to me that Fernando Castro Trenti's supporters are on a roll to expunge any criticism of the Senator in English. No other posts than these two have received this treatment.

Fernando Castro Trenti is rumored to aspire to the governorship of Baja California.

I therefore suggest that readers of this blog check out my two old posts to get a sense of what kind of a man the senator really is - and, who knows, read them before they disappear.
Your comments are most welcome.

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