Thursday, November 3, 2011

Murdered mayor close to Calderón

The murdered Ricardo Guzmán Romero, mayor of La Piedad, was the coordinator of PAN's mayors in Michoacán. He was also close to President Felipe Calderón, and to his sister, "Cocoa," who is now seeking to become governor of Michoacán.

His murder appears a straight execution: A Jeep drove up to the mayor while he was busy putting up a banner, and gunned him down.

Michoacán is having elections on Nov. 13. So far, 1060 observers have been registered for the election, none of them foreign, and so far no special security/protection has been put in place to make sure they are not victims of organized crime on election day.

Michoacán PAN mayor murdered

A tragic and sad event just 11 days or so ahead of Michoacán's gubernatorial election:

Ricardo Guzmán Romero, a PAN mayor in La Piedad, was gunned down this evening.

This, only hours after interior secretary  José Francisco Blake Mora and Michoacán governor Leonel Godoy declared the elections would not be affected by the organized crime groups of the state.