Monday, September 12, 2011

Mexican presidents: Where do they come from? Useful graphic

From Milenio:

Words of the day from Ernesto Cordero

While I wouldn't in a million years vote for Ernesto Cordero, I'll let him have the words of the day:
"It is not the old PRI that worries me, but the PRI of today, the PRI of the immorality of (Mario) Marín, that of the authoritarianism of Ulises Ruiz, that of the irresponsibility of (Humberto) Moreira. After losing the presidency, the PRI learnt nothing, nor has it forgotten anything."

The Mexican budget

On thursday, Ernesto Cordero handed in the proposed budget for 2012, and then resigned to concentrate on running for the 2012 presidency. It was a bit of a strange maneuver - while I understand he wanted to use the occasion (and as an excuse for not resigning earlier), it was a bit of "here it is, but I'm outta here"-feel.

Regardless: Here is Milenio's detailed breakdown, as well as Bloomberg's English summary.

Total spending of around 290 billion dollars, an increase in spending of 2.5 percent in real terms.

The U.S budget is 3,700 billion dollars by comparison.