Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pope visit to Mexico: Must-read AP article on an inconvenient book

A highly recommend read is AP's "Pope's Mexico trip clouded by Legion victim's book," by Eduardo Castillo, as it address a very inconvenient book just published ahead of the pope's visit to Mexico tomorrow: La voluntad de no saber" ("The will to not know"). It uses documents obtained through friendly Vatican sources who began years ago making copies of documents that were slowly disappearing, as members of the extremist order Legionaries of Christ had begun silently stealing them from the Vatican archives.

What do the documents, on which the book is based, prove? What we long knew, but now documented by the Vatican's own sources:

Successive popes knew, including Benny the 16th, about the child raping by priests such as Marcial Maciel ever since the 1940s, but did nothing to stop it.

For eight years, Benedict 16 knew, but didn't lift a finger as the Legionaries unleashed a campaign of defamation against the victims.

A very inconvenient book.