Friday, July 15, 2011

Enrique Peña Nieto says yes to alliance with Gordillo

Despite what appears to me not only widespread but also increasing denunciation of Elba Esther Gordillo, her SNTE teachers union, and her PANAL party from prominent panistas, priístas, and perredistas, at least she has one firm backer: Outgoing governor of Mexico State Enrique Peña Nieto, who declared his willingness to make deals with Gordillo in order to win the presidency in 2012. 

More on Cherán, Michoacán: Wonderful story in El Universal

A highly recommended read is today's story in El Universal of Cherán, Michoacán, a small town that heroically took up arms against organized crime and illegal loggers, kicked out the PRI mayor, and has so far lived to tell the tale.

The article in particular highlights the help and support from Cherán's expat community in the United States, which numbers around 7,000.

Martín Esparza assumes for new period as SME leader

Martín Esparza Flores was sworn in yesterday for a new period as secretary general of the Mexican Electricians union, SME, La Jornada reports, faithfully adding that a "committee of observers" agree that Esparaza was elected according to the unions statutes.

The newspaper fails to neglect one little detail: The electricians were free to elect any candidate they wanted, as long as it was Esparza: His list was the only option available. For that you need to read Milenio's coverage.

When it comes to causes dear to LJ's heart, above AMLO and any and all organizations allied with him, it is, unfortunately, not possible to rely on the newspaper as one of record: Omitting is distorting.

Cárdenas against national poll to decide 2012 PRD candidacy

Much talk of the comments allegedly attributable to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reported in Reforma, where he says that no matter what, he will be a 2012 candidate, either of one, two, or three parties. I have for a long time believed (and so has Joaquín López-Dóriga), that there is no way AMLO will not run in 2012, regardless of any agreement with Marcelo Ebrard.

Speaking of PRD caudillos and presidential campaigns:

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, the man who enticed AMLO to leave the PRI only after the 1988 fraud and only aftr PRI had denied him the PRI candidacy for governor of Tabasco in the fall of 1988, opined that he does not support the idea of a national poll to decide who will be the PRD's 2012 candidate, preferring instead some kind of party vote. I am repeating myself ad nauseam here as well, but I remain convinced that he still is far from giving up the idea of another Cárdenas as president of Mexico.

History repeating itself as farce? The desafuero of AMLO, and PAN today

Carlos Loret de Mola has a great column today where he points out an irony of irony, history repeating itself etc - pick your cliché. Remember the 2005 desafuero, Vicente Fox' idiotic assault on AMLO which almost tore Mexican democracy apart?

AMLO was impeached ostensibly for contempt of the law, for failing to abide by a court order demanding that the city government cease building an access road to a local hospital in the Encinos area, close to Santa Fe.

Now, someone else is trying to do the very same thing, namely continuing opening up that road, which was never completed.... the PAN delegation chief of Cuajimalpa, Carlos Orvañanos!

Former Spanish prime minister Felipe González criticizes the Mexican left, sees return of PRI

When Felipe González speaks, most pay attention - the former (82-96) Spanish prime minister remains an acute political observer and analyst, also of things Mexican. González recently said he sees a PRI return to power in Mexico very likely, and also criticized the Mexican left for having wasted a chance to present a progressive and modern left platform for the 21st century.

I wish he were wrong on both accounts.

The PRD remains torn between what is certainly a very modern and progressive, socially liberal, social democratic sector, and another, tied to AMLO, that consists of a weird amalgam of "revolutionary nationalism" à la PRI in the 1970s, which is moreover quite socially conservative, and the ultraleft positions of some of his most radical followers.

As for 2012, Ebrard represents the first option, and Ebrard the latter.

Ebrard: No alliance with Gordillo or her PANAL party for 2012

Marcelo Ebrard maintained there will be no alliance with Elba Esther Gordillo and her PANAL party for 2012.

Recall that just a couple of days ago, Jorge Castañeda claimed, quite improbably, that Ebrard was Gordillo's first choice for 2012.