Friday, July 15, 2011

Former Spanish prime minister Felipe González criticizes the Mexican left, sees return of PRI

When Felipe González speaks, most pay attention - the former (82-96) Spanish prime minister remains an acute political observer and analyst, also of things Mexican. González recently said he sees a PRI return to power in Mexico very likely, and also criticized the Mexican left for having wasted a chance to present a progressive and modern left platform for the 21st century.

I wish he were wrong on both accounts.

The PRD remains torn between what is certainly a very modern and progressive, socially liberal, social democratic sector, and another, tied to AMLO, that consists of a weird amalgam of "revolutionary nationalism" à la PRI in the 1970s, which is moreover quite socially conservative, and the ultraleft positions of some of his most radical followers.

As for 2012, Ebrard represents the first option, and Ebrard the latter.

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