Thursday, August 9, 2012

Church stabs Alejandro Solalinde, migrant defender, in the back

Alejandro Solalinde, tireless defender of Latin American migrants in Mexico, has been threatened and harassed by organized crime countless times, but nothing has prevented him from maintaining and running a migrants shelter in Ixepec, Oaxaca, the Hermanos en el Camino, and speaking their cause. Now he may be forced to leave the shelter after being stabbed in the back, figuratively speaking, by his own bishop, Óscar Armando Campos Contreras of Tehuantepec.

Solalinde said the bishop had asked him to leave the shelter by November:
"This how he put it, that I was a protagonist. He is a conservative for sure and that's no problem, the problem is that with his power he does to me what no criminal group had been capable of... I don't know if there is a hidden motive... I  can fight against cartels but not against the Church," he said in an interview with El Universal.
It seems the bishop of Tehuantepec got cold feet: In today's El Universal he said that he had never told Solalinde such a thing, and that it was a strange misunderstanding.

Let's hope it is.

Whoever is right here, I'll let Solalinde have the final word:
I do not think this is very evangelical. I was told to devote myself to the poor in my free time only, but the poor should get more than 'leftovers.' So I will not take a parish. 

Dejará Solalinde albergue; seguirá en el activismo. El Universal, Aug. 8, 2012.
Solalinde sigue en albergue: obispo. El Universal, Aug. 9, 2012.