Monday, September 19, 2011

Edith Ruiz Mendicutti: A truly embarrassing person

This is beyond embarrassing: Edith Ruiz Mendicutti, a local deputy for the Partido del Trabajo in the Mexico City legislature, and probably one of the least qualified presidents of the culture commission in that legislature's history, as part of the "Children's Parliament" celebrated last week, led a group of children to "take" the dais or legislative tribune of the Mexico City legislature. The children screamed, pushed, and fought to maintain control of the tribune.

How is that for teaching children about democracy! If you're outvoted, simply use physical force instead! Teach 'em while they're young!

Alejandra Barrales, head of the legislature has also strongly criticized Ruiz Mendicutti, and she may be kicked out of the commission of culture. I truly hope this will happen:  She is an embarrassment to her party, the Mexico City legislature, and, lest we forget, hardly a great role model for school children on how democracy works.

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