Monday, January 24, 2011

Fernando Castro Trenti admits he was wrong, then jumps on another stupid claim

To his credit, Senator Fernando Castro Trenti admitted that the PRD activist Guillermo Sánchez Nava, who was nearly beaten to death by presumed PRI thugs in Guerrao, was actually attacked and that it was not faked. He could hardly do anything else: Sánchez Nava's own children publicly presented his medical diagnosis. It was simply idiotic to jump on such a baseless claim to begin with, but fine: He rectifies.

Yet then comes the next claim, worthy of a U.S. tea bagger: A few days ago, "someone" (very likely the Manuel Añorve Baños campaign) had a fake La Jornada newspaper made that proclaimed that the PRD candidate admitted he lost a recent gubernatorial debate. It was all made up; the newspaper was fake.

Yet the good senator, rather than having learned from postulating outrageous claims he can't back up, mistakes, now claims, counter intuitively and without a shred of evidence, that the fake paper was actually made by the PRD. Will an apology be forthcoming this time as well?

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