Monday, January 24, 2011

As childish as it gets: PRI hurries to steal opponents' campaign name in Nayarit

In Guerrero, the official name of the PRD-PT-Convergencia campaign behind the candidacy of Ángel Aguirre Rivero is "Guerrero nos une," or "Guerrero unifies us."
In Nayarit, which also faces gubernatorial elections this year, a PRD-PAN coalition has for many weeks been using a similar slogan, "Nayarit unifies us," a play on the Guerrero coalition name.

Yet today, just hours before the opposition coalition registered this campaign name officially with Nayarit's electoral authorities, a PRI-Green Party-PANAL coalition registered with this name for their coalition - with the effect that the two principal contenders in Nayarit now have registered with the same name. Keep in mind that the "X (name of state) unifies us" was also the name of the various of the PAN-PRD coalition the past summer. Yet PRI, in what must be one of the most childish acts in the party's history in Nayarit, hurried to snatch away this campaign slogan from PRD-PAN.

This hardly augurs well for the political climate of the upcoming election.

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