Monday, January 17, 2011

PRI and the Great Lie: Guillermo Sánchez Nava, near death, faked it!

The PRI is certainly on a roll these days: Just when you think its standards couldn't sink any further, Senator Fernando Castro Trenti demanded evidence that Guillermo Sánchez Nava, who went in a coma after being attacked by most likely PRI supporters, claiming amazingly that the PRD campaign "put up a farce," meaning that the PRD somehow arranged for the attack on Sánchez Nava themselves. Wow.

Note that the PRI senator demanded "evidence" that the PRD activist was actually hurt; yesterday, his sons responded to this pathetic call by presenting his medical diagnosis from the hospital: traumatic head injury.

Will that suffice, Castro?

Jésus Ortega, national PRD president, condemned Senator Castro for his "absolute insensitivity and total loss of humanity." I think Ortega is too kind.

Ortega also denounced governors Enrique Peña (Mexico State), Egidio Torre (Tamaulipas), Ivonne Ortega (Yucatán) and Ney González (Nayarit) for interfering in the election.

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