Monday, January 17, 2011

PRD national leadership organs to be renewed March 19

This weekend's meeting of the PRD's national council decided as expected that the party's key organs - its  presidency, secretary general and secretariat, as well as its national political commission and a couple of autonomous party commissions. The council meeting was chiefly a formality; an upcoming meeting in mid-February will address the contentious issue of the PRD's possible electoral alliance with the PAN in 2-3 state elections in 2011, most importantly in Mexico State.

While Lázaro Cárdenas Batel, son of Cuauhtémoc, was prominently presented as a possible "unity candidate" to head the party the next three years, LCB has evolved into the sphinx-like character of his father, opting to remain silent virtually until the very end right before any decision will have to be made - that is, he has not expressed interest for the presidency, nor rejected it.

Regardless: Ahead of two crucial state elections - Guerrero and Baja California Sur - the PRD is wisely doing all it can to maintain a modicum of unity. Even Dolores Padierna argued for a "consensus candidate" - which presumably would mean that she the extremely controversial and tainted leader of the IDN faction has dropped her own candidacy.

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