Monday, September 6, 2010

Cardinal Norberto Rivera takes a rare worthwhile stand

"It is a shame that they are always concerned about unimportant and trivial matters... ignoring human situations such gravity that require effective responses and solutions background."
This criticism might very well have been hurled against the Mexican church, which in the past weeks have been, among other things, remarkably preoccupied with the sex lives of others, and more seriously still hurling baseless insults at its opponents (including calling one of Mexico's largest parties "fascist"), whipping up hysteria among its followers,and rejecting the laws and institutions of the Mexican state itself. 

Yet the words come from Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, and were reported in the church's printed organ 
Desde la Fe. Rivera calls on the authorities to do more to protect migrants, criticizing the Calderón administration for not doing enough to punish those responsible for atrocities such as the recent massacre of 72 immigrants in Tamaulipas. 

Rivera declared, "A mute church does not serve god nor mankind." Yet this is exactly the point: Speaking out to defend immigrants and attacking the government for not following its own laws is clearly a very different issue than the spewing of hate-speech toward gay people, whose right to marry was recently declared constitutional by law, or outrightly rejecting the secular state and Mexico's laws, products of institutionalized democratic processes, even if the latter allow for practices adamantly opposed to by the church, such as abortion in Mexico City. 

It is a shame that the church apparently cannot easily or will not see the monumental differences between the two types of "speaking up."

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