Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who is intolerant and hateful?

The Mexican church, as noted, has resorted to a time-worn tactics of launching vicious tirades against its stated enemies, yet whenever any political actor responds to the what often amounts to hate speech, the church plays the victim, such as in the recent declarations by

Hugo Valdemar, top spokesperson for the Mexican church, where he accused its critics of fomenting "visceral intolerance and hate."

The same Valdemar in a recent radio interview with Radio W, volunteered his opinion on Marcelo Ebrard and the PRD

* "He has a fascist calling"
* "They [PRD and Ebrard] are doing worse damage than drug trafficking and have become the family's worst enemy; he is responsible for this disaster" [gay marriage in Mexico City]

The response of Alejandro Encinas, PRD group leader in the Chamber of Deputies:
"I reiterate the respect of the PRD parliamentary group and our whole party to ideological and religious diversity of our country, and I reject statements that only leads to polarization and discrimination, factors which are not conducive to democratic development and equality we have built. "
Who is the intolerant? You be the judge.

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