Monday, September 6, 2010

Remarkable vote in PRD Guerrero state council

Yesterday, the state council of PRD Guerrero - its highest party authority - voted 103-1, with six abstentions, to confirm Ángel Aguirre Rivero as the PRD's candidate for governor next year. The vote is rather remarkable: Even though one might expect a brunt of Aguirre's detractors to want to jump on the band wagon  and side with the winner, the vote shows how little impact current governor Zeferino Torreblanca has over the party branch. It also displays, at least on the surface, a massive party unity behind Aguirre's candidacy.
Aguirre, to recall, is currently a PRI senator, yet ditched the party to run as the PRD's candidate. Aguirre was also a former interim governor of Guerrero, and retains a very significant following.

Very significantly, Aguirre agreed to creating a Truth Commission, a key demand of the left, in order to seek clearing up the many murders of party, social, and human rights activists in Guerrero, under Torreblanca's rule and previous governments. Like Gabino Cué in Oaxaca, Aguirre also agreed to support constitutional reform that will allow for revocation of the governor's mandate midterm.

And most important of all - if Aguirre sticks to his word and puts his friendship with Enrique Peña Nieto aside - he promised to work for PRD's presidential campaign in 2012, whoever the candidate might be.

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