Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Recount! IFE decision goes far beyond 2006

IFE said it will open around 50,000 - fifty thousand - casillas or ballot boxes, out of a total of 143,114.
While AMLO and his coalition is asking for a full recount now, this is still significant - more than a third of all boxes. Compare this to in 2006, when less than three thousand casillas, from what I recall, were opened.

Is IFE just trying to nip things in the bud, even if it risks making AMLO supporters vindicated?

Even so, AMLO's main complaints have been vote buying and media bias - which a recount, full or partial, will do nothing to substantiate.

'Voto por voto' en un tercio de la presidencial: IFE. El Universal Online, July 3, 2012.


  1. It does not matter if 50,000 or 120,000 are opened. With a 6 to 8 point spread AMLO is a loser once again. Thank you very much. Afterwhich the little boy can take his toys and go home. You would think that after 6 years of campaigning he could pull off more than 31% (12 years if you add it all up) OR you can look at it as 69% of Mexicans do not what him yesterday, today and ever.

  2. It isn't so much AMLO himself as the credibility of the election... that, and it could change the number of legislative seats: substantially I can't say, but certainly better to know than not know.

  3. I guess Anonymous doesn't think much of campaign finance laws, the election court judge's remarks on July 2nd in which he cavalierly stated "no se ganara en la mesa lo que no se gano en las urnas" before having a formal legal process mounted by anyone (not exactly the attitude of a professional let alone impartial jurist), the accusations of narco money being involved in the PRI campaign in a pending US court case (Aquino case), or the media's proactive and unethical involvement in promoting EPN's stardom for years (in addition to its distorted media coverage of the entire process).

    As Mexfiles states, this is about way more than individuals like AMLO or even EPN - its about the "business as usual" attitude of the decadent and thieving institutions that once again give ordinary Mexicans every reason to be cynical about politics and hope in general.

    Blather on about your 69% (if it really amounts to that before carrousel operations and ballot-stuffing) as if it were a medal, Anonymous, but no true democracy has an anointed winner before the first vote has been cast as this mockery of a democratic process painfully shows. VIVA MEXICO!!!