Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Carlos Loret de Mola tells three lies

This is quite amazing: Carlos Loret de Mola, columnist of El Universal and a star of Televisa, manages to cram in three lies in just one tiny paragraph:
Yesterday, López Obrador called the Sunday July 1, 2012 process fraudulent, didn't accept the official results.. and said that he won
Whatever you think of AMLO's reluctance to accept Peña Nieto's likely win, this is a complete distortion of what AMLO has actually said:

* He has not called the process fraudulent - he has not used the word at all
* He has not said that he won the election
* And lest we forget, the results that are in are not the official results - these will come after Mexico's 300 districts confirm (or not!) the tally sheets the PREP results were based on, starting tomorrow. Then, if they are confirmed and not enough irregularities were present, they will become official.

Any wonder that AMLO and his allies insist that the media is biased against them?

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