Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Go f*ck your mother" Guiness Record?

Mexicans' penchant for Guinness Records has long been noted by Jorge Castañeda and, with far more creative literary talent, Burro Hall.

Here's what I'll regard the most creative record attempt so far: In Jalisco, many are very happy to see Emilio González Márquez leave the governor's chair soon. In recalling his famous line to critics of his blatantly illegal tax payer-funded money gift to the ultra-reactionary church in the state -"Etilio" told them to "Go fuck your mothers" - the organization Consejo Estatal de Comerciantes y Prestadores de Servicios will arrange the "World's Largest Go-Fuck-Your-Mother" march in his honor.

Hat's off to creative collective efforts!


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