Friday, June 22, 2012

Left may sweep entire Mexico City

In a remarkable turnaround, given its significant losses in 2009 and talks just months ago of losing it to the PRI, PRD looks set to absolutely sweep Mexico City. We're not only talking of the hyper-popular Miguel Mancera, who will be the city's next mayor and is simply destroying PRI's Beatriz Paredes and PAN's Isabel Miranda de Wallace in the polls.

No, PRD is also set to wrest from PAN two of its bastions, due chiefly to the absolute misrule of PAN's delegation chiefs there:

* In Cuajimalpa, PRD's Rosendo Rodríguez looks set to win, with double-digit leads

* In Miguel Hidalgo, PRD's Víctor Hugo Romo is far ahead of his rivals, given the disastrous administration of PAN's Demetrio Sodi

* While PAN is still ahead, even Benito Juárez is in play, truly a shocker in local politics.

The left has clearly shown it can govern.

While Enrique Peña Nieto will likely be Mexico's next president, he certainly will get no pull from PRI in Mexico City; indeed, Paredes' candidacy was meant to do so, yet her campaign posters are now being quietly removed in favor of those of Peña, as she is ironically pulling down his Mexico City vote instead.

And with a Peña Nieto presidency, it will be ever more important to maintain Mexico City as a strong counterweight.


PAN toma ventaja en la Benito Juárez. El Universal, June 7, 2012.
PRD toma delantera en Cuajimalpa. El Universal, June 9, 2012. 
Urge a Cuajimalpa movilidad: Mancera. El Universal, June 11, 2012.
Ventaja de PRD en M. Hidalgo. El Universal, June 21, 2012.


  1. I've been reading your blog for about a year now and I have to tip my hat to you for the analysis and scholarship you share with the rest of us. Thank you for your comments and thoughts on all these issues.

    While you may be right, Agua Chile, about EPN's possible triumph, it's not over until the fat lady sings. Perhaps a "June surprise" or something or another might change the outcome of this election and finally get people to wake up (I certainly pray that the mainstream polls are incorrect and prove to be as valuable as used kitty litter come July 1st).

  2. Many thanks for kind comments. I, too, hope we are in for a surprise of some kind before July 1 - I remain deeply pessimistic over the implications of PRI's return, and do not buy that this is simply "alternation," because as far as I can tell, the new PRI looks everything like the old.

  3. I agree completely - there isn't anything new about the "New RIP" whatsoever. Here in Nogales the PRI-PVEM alliance is offering free legal advice in a "bufete juridico" in a suite with their logos. I'm sure there aren't any strings attached whatsoever with respect to these consultas. Let's indeed hope for a "happy ending" next Sunday.