Monday, June 25, 2012

Mexico's woes in a few hundred succinct words

I've been in the last throes of a book project the past weeks and blogging has suffered, but ahead of next Sunday's election I only wanted to promote a brief but highly informative article by Jo Tuckman in The New York Times Sunday Review, entitled "Mexican Democracy’s Lost Years." It nails Mexico's ills in the most succinct manner possible. Read it!

(and you might want to check out her upcoming book; I will for sure - after mine is on its way!)

Mexican Democracy’s Lost Years. The New York Times Sunday Review, June 25, 2012. 


  1. I hope the book is better than the link. The Mexican legislative branch, in which the PRI party has always had more than enough control, through both Fox and Calderon terms, to block any laws put forth.
    It is the same as the USA, party members wanting the control and money and to hell with the voters...until election year.
    Here in Mexico the amount of cement poured, central parks and playgrounds renewed, corragated roofing panels and homes built for the poor skyrockets every 6 years. I guess that helps some and does affect the vote with no doubt.
    Whenever the USA has a true 3 party presidential race, seperated by around 10 points, be sure and make a post. Mexico´s democratic process is alive and well. The biggest problem they have is the neighbor to the north doing what they do best, meddling in other countries affairs.

  2. Yes, PRI's blocking and U.S drug consumption of course matter a lot. But I think far too many PAN members refuse to accept that the first two non-PRI administrations have been terribly mediocre, and that far from all can be blamed on others than themselves.