Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New head of PAN's legislative bench: Francisco Ramírez Acuña

With Josefina Vázquez Mota leaving the Chamber of Deputies (on a "license," mind you - she can always return), PAN was in need of a new coordinator of its legislative group. Francisco Ramírez Acuña will be the one.

He is former governor of Jalisco (2001-2006), and was briefly minister of the interior in Calderón's cabinet.


  1. Richard Grabman9/07/2011 9:53 PM

    Ramírez Acuña? Kiss any pretense of support for human rights from the PANistas in the legislature goodbye. He wasn't exactly subtle about his contempt for democratic opposition during his term as Gov. of Jalisco (and rather proud of being accused of human rights abuses on a major scale, having environmentalists beaten up and jailed, etc.) and was basically tossed out of the cabinet when Calderón's "mano duro" towards legitimate opposition groups ran into trouble, and it was rebranded as a fight against organized crime... Ramírez Acuña being widely suspected (even by PANistas) as mobbed up.

  2. Indeed. His term was thoroughly nasty - a yunquista through and through. He still controls much of panismo in Jalisco, even though Etilio is now governor. Hopefully he can't do too much damage in San Lázaro.