Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Martí Batres Guadarrama, AMLO loyalist, is out of Mexico City Government

I missed with 10 months - I first thought Ebrard would fire Martí Batres last October, when Ebrard relieved him of several important powers. Yet now finally Ebrard fired the man who has held what is in practice the second-most important position in the Mexico City government since 2006, and used it for all it is worth - the secretariat of social development.

More to come here, but note there is no "I renounce for personal reasons" schpiel - Ebrard told him to step down straight out.

Batres in my opinion represents the most "radical," anti-democratic, clientelist elements of the PRD, and he was widely considered an imposition by AMLO in Ebrard´s government. It is most natural that he should now leave the position - I am only surprised it did not happen sooner.

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