Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More on resignation of Martí Batres

Batres had long used his portfolio as secretary of social development to build up support for his candidacy to be chief of government of Mexico city. Last week, he again criticized his boss Marcelo Ebrard for having shaken hands with Calderón, given that he in Batres' view is illegitimate - still sticking to the wholly unsubstantiated notion of a fraud in the 2006 presidential elections.

Be that as it may: This time Ebrard summoned Batres to his office, and asked him to renounce, which he refused to to. Then, in a quite public manner, Ebrard fired him, noting "everything has a limit, which is about congruence: one cannot be a secretary of the government and criticize the chief of government, as did Martí."

At 11 last night: "if he is not happy, and I told him, then he has nothing do to in the government." He literally signed the order to have Batres fired. I wonder if they escorted him out of the building, U.S. corporate firing-style.

Ebrard denied that this implied a break with Andrés Manuel López Obrador, given that Batres is close to Ebrard's predecessor.

New secretary of social development in Mexico City: Jesús Valdés Peña, until now undersecretary of citizen participation in GDF.

Another press conference will be held by Ebrard today at 11 a.m. Mexico city time.

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