Sunday, July 3, 2011

Electoral Tribunal orders Ministry of Interior to sanction Hugo Valdemar

Mexico's electoral tribunal, Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federación (TEPJF), ordered Mexico's interior ministry to stop dragging its feet and to sanction the Mexican Archdiocese and its venal spokesperson Hugo Valdemar, for violating Mexican law by calling on Mexicans note to vote for the PRD.

The case has been thrown back and forth between IFE and the Ministry, so one should perhaps not hold one's breath for a decision any time soon, but the TEPJF order is nonetheless a direct one.

Of note as well: TEPJF ruled as well that the responsible is not merely Valdemar, but also the Archdiocese, given that he has uttered his many anti-PRD opinions on church ground, and as a representative of the church.

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