Sunday, July 3, 2011

The cost of every single vote in Mexico State? About 60 dollars

This is a quite stunning fact: According to Coparmex, a rough estimated cost of each vote in Mexico State today - including organizing the elections, party funding, etc - will be a whopping $60 - U.S. dollars, that is.

Total cost of the election: 3.6 billion Mexican pesos.

That's about a 100 percent increase from the last elections in 2005. And irony of ironies: The electoral code was modified in 2008 with the explicit purpose of reducing the cost of elections.

Keep in mind that this figure does not include any extra-official - illegal - resources spent on the election. The PRD and PAN have accused and denounced PRI of showering state money on their candidate, and surpassing any legal spending limit.

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