Saturday, July 2, 2011

Judge Édgar Elías Azar defends decision to ratify Héctor Palomares

The head of Mexico City's highest electoral tribunal TSJDF, Édgar Elías Azar, went strongly on the offensive defending not only Judge Héctor Palomares Medina, who got so severely discredited in the documentary Presunto Culpable / Presumed Guilty, and he also attacked the movie itself as "an edited move, mutilated, manipulated; this movie does not correspond with reality."

Flanked by his fellow TSJDF judges, Elías said this was the last time he'll ever speak on that topic - "ask all you want, but starting torday... the case is closed."

"Judges are not alone, and the judiciary is not subject to any pressures of any kind."
He seems right on both counts.

From the movie makers: "We almost can't believe it," Presumed Guilty director Roberto Hernandez told Radio Formula. "We think it's a very bad decision."

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