Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gay unions in Jalisco: Conservative panista's 180 degree turn

Its a most welcome conversion (and not the kind that many ultra-conservative panistas have in mind):

Fernando Guzmán Pérez Peláez, regarded as one of the most ultra-conservative members of the Jalisco government, where he is government secretary, declared that he is in favor of legalizing gay marriage unions.

The same man, less than a year ago, was an active supporter of the ridiculous "gay conversion" movement.
What happened? Welcome news, regardless.

Next in line, the state governor, a drunken falangist who have stated that gays disgust him?


  1. Although I agree it is quite an about face, he actually I believe that he said he supported Gay Unions, as long a s they were not called marriage. (so something along the lines of civil unions / domestic partnership/ Sociedad de Convivencia)

    “Se le insistió si estaría a favor de que se cree una legislación en la materia en la entidad, y manifestó que sí, siempre y cuando no se llame matrimonio.”

  2. Ah! Thank you very much for the clarification and the direct quote. Will update it.
    Still, quite a turnaround!