Thursday, June 30, 2011

Infamous Presunto Culpable judge Héctor Palomares confirmed for six more years

This is absolutely terrible: Héctor Palomares Medina, the infamous judge of the documentary Presunto Culpable/Presumed Guilty, has not only escaped any sanction at all for his behavior, but was reaffirmed for six more year by the Judicial Council of the Federal District - by unanimity!
One hardly needs a legal background to be able to opine on these matters - for many it was a shock to see how judges in Mexico behave, as demonstrated so well n Presunto Culpable. Yet to see Palomares being ratified for another full period, when he will sit until June 2017, is truly a slap in the face.

Judge Héctor Palomares is also facing another criminal complaint unrelated to the Presunto Culpable case of José Antonio Zúñiga,

Say whatever you want of the Federal district judges - they certainly look after each other.

This is a truly repugnant decision that deserves wide condemnation.

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