Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who would the Virgin vote for?

And we're talking about the Virgen de Guadalupe, no less. See for yourself:

An organization calling itself Voto Católico claim to know who the Virgin would vote for in the upcoming Mexico State gubernatorial election: It sure is not PRD, nor is it PRI. Go to its Web site, www.votocatolico.com, and you will be offered a "voting guide" on the, according to Voto, absolute most important subjects in this election, such as abortion, gay rights, and euthanasia.

The electoral propaganda is, of course, illegal, as following the most recent electoral reform in Mexico, no outside groups can contract political advertisements. Yet tell that to Voto - after all, who can argue against anyone knowing the electoral preferences of the good Virgin?

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  1. The Virgin's last known address being in the Federal District, can she even vote in EdoMex?