Thursday, August 8, 2013

New book on Mexico's Left: The Paradox of the PRD

My book on the Mexican left is out, and is entitled, Mexico’s Left: The Paradox of the PRD. 

It can be obtained from or Lynne Rienner Publishers, and its introduction can be downloaded as a PDF here (one tip: Sign up for emails with new publications from the publisher, and you will receive a newsletter with a special discount offer).

From a reviewer:
"An important contribution.... Dag Mossige has conducted exceptionally thorough research on the PRD, and he carefully situates his analysis within the comparative literature. His book illuminates the key dilemmas facing both the left and Mexico's new democracy."—Kevin J. Middlebrook, University College London

I do hope to return to blogging some time in the future, though it should be noted it was not this book's publication that prevented me from doing so, but other issues.

I just came back from a longer visit to Michoacán, in my eyes Mexico's most beautiful and most diverse state, but where the current fight against the Caballeros Templarios is making life hellish for far too many people.

I am currently living in Norway, where I am involved in party politics and where I am doing all I can to ensure a continued social-democratic government after the Sept. 9 elections.

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