Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ass-kissing of the year award, 2012

Edith Mendoza Pino, PRI mayor of Tulum, Quintana Roo, held a lavish party a few months ago after stepping down involuntarily from office. The farewell party was quite fittingly at the public treasury's expense, in keeping with her modus operandi of skimming the municipal treasury. Worse still, it turned out that Mendoza as well had granted a lot of tax reprieves of her own volition to companies operating in Tulum - something that of course was absolutely not in her authority, and  illegal.

Upon her arrest on Dec 7, Mendoza's desperate groveling appeal for, apparently, some kind of presidential pardon is nearly epic:
My sin is to have backed (President Enrique) Peña Nieto, when (Governor Roberto Borge, also PRI) gave the order to not back the President of the Republic... only two municipalities were won in the state, and one of them was Tulum. I won, I won the election for Peña Nieto, and this was also one of my sins.
Please, please, please, señor presidente - really, I only did it for you!
Ass-kisser of the year, Edith Mendoza Pino!

(and a bonus attitude point: The ex-mayor refused to come out of her SUV when she was arrested, which prompted federal agents to confiscate and impound the vehicle with miss Edith inside it!)

Image: What the companies in Tulum actually paid in taxes compared what they owe, courtesy of self-professed sinner Mendoza:

Ex alcaldesa "perdonó" impuestos a empresas. El Universal, Dec. 12, 2012.
Encuentran en Tulum desorden por 49 mdp. El Universal, Dec. 11, 2012.
Detienen a ex alcaldesa de Tulum; enfrentará juicio.  El Universal, Dec. 8, 2012.

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