Friday, March 16, 2012

Migrants money fund used for embellishment of cathedral

This is truly preposterous: Funds from Mexico's ministry of social development, destined to improve local communities through the "3-for-one" program where the government is supposed to match every peso of remittances sent from migrants in the US with three pesos, have been used to fix up a church instead, making it nice and pretty before the pope comes.

While the sum may not be huge - around 600 thousand pesos - this is not only blatantly illegal, but immoral: Migrants living in the United States sent a third of this hard-earned money, which was then matched by d by Federal and state money, expecting the amount to be used to improve their local communities through e.g. the paving of roads, electricity, and the building of schools. Instead the money was stolen to embellish a church.

I truly wish - in the figurative sense - that some heads will roll after this.

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