Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hate crimes in Puebla

AMLO came out clearly against the horrid hate crimes in Puebla, where since 2005 at least 20 people have been murdered for their sexual orientation, most recently activist Agnes Torres Hernández, found dead this Saturday:

"Is very regrettable that this happens in Puebla and in the country. There should be no hate crimes, one must respect human rights, and act with tolerance."

Kudos to the only of Mexico's three presidential candidates manifesting his concern for these victims.

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  1. He speaks truthfully about speaking out against hate crimes, for human rights, and for tolerance. Good for him. I see human rights benefittig from democracy, whether from the right to practice religion or to otherwise live freely without a totalitarian state or its powerful members telling everyone which rights they can claim that day. What side of the bed will they get up from tomorrow? Doesn't matter in a true democracy that respects such liberties.