Sunday, February 19, 2012

PRD's national congress: Relations of strenght

PRD is holding its 14th party congress, and among its tasks is to elect 64 of the members to its national council. This is interesting as it allows for a glimpse of the relations of strength within the party:

* The social-democratic current Nueva Izquierda got 25 of the seats
* Its ally ADN, also close ideologically, got 14
* The infamous IDN current of the Bejarano-Padierna couple got only
* The list backing Marcelo Ebrard got only 3
* Foro Nuevo Sol, also a moderate current allied to Ebrard, got six

In sum: Despite all the bravado talk of taking over the party, the "radicals" of IDN remain a minority within the party. Perhaps they should consider joining instead the PT.


  1. What is the relationship between AMLO & Bejerano/Padierna (who are essentially the leaders of the IDN, I think??)? I had thought they were supporters, but El Universal reports AMLO as saying that they do NOT support him & that he has no seen Bejerano in 7 or 8 years.
    PS -- typo in the header.

  2. Oh dear, where to start - "It's complicated." In essence, it boils down to one thing: The couple are using AMLO and latching on to his movement for their own benefit, and AMLO in turn has been using IDN within the PRD. He says he has not seen Bejarano in years, which does not necessarily make it so. Even so, he remains close with IDN, which, in general, jumps whenever he says so.
    For a recent paper that explains some of this dynamic, see "El PRD antes del 2012: partido o partido-movimiento," available for free at
    (registration required). Saludos!

  3. OK -- that's more or less what I thought -- and thanks for the paper link.

  4. Hmmm -- the link is to the post that I commented on -- can you give me a new link to the paper to which you referred (El PRD antes del 2012...)?

  5. For sure - too quick on the trigger: