Sunday, February 19, 2012

Manuel Espino and Calderón-the-drunkard

Last week's Proceso had long excerpts from the book Calderón de Cuerpo Entero, a biography of the Mexican president by Julio Scherer García, who is also the founder of the magazine, and as such sets the tone for the often rather erratic tone of the stories and rather unsubstantiated information in what is nonetheless a very important investigative news magazine.

Regardless: Much attention has been given to Calderón's alleged drinking problem. But as critics of the book have pointed out: Scherer hasn't exactly come up with much.

One key source for the book (based on at least its excerpts) is Manuel Espino, formerly PAN president, of a very unappealing and venomous personality and belonging to the very far right of PAN, which even expelled him given his criticisms of the party. Espino is a very, very bitter man, and to say that he is someone with an axe to grind is merely an understatement. Yes it does, to be sure, allow for some interesting reading and gossip.

Regardless: Here Espino is again in an interview with Milenio today, reminding us again of his character in an involuntarily funny way:

Q: Do you know that the Church has paid millions for their pedarats?
A: No. I don't know. It is not a topic I have gone deep into.
Q: Do you have children, Manuel?
A: I have three children.
Q: And have you also instilled in them your own phobias and loathing?
A: No. I have taught my children human values, ​​respecting their freedom of decision.
Q: Have you asked if they are gay?
A: No. It is not necessary,they  are not
Q: Have you asked them?
A: Myself? It is not necessary: I have no doubt.

It is not to Scherer's credit that so much of the book appears to be based on the bitterness of this little man.

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