Thursday, September 29, 2011

Setback for abortion rights: Extremist state-level abortion legislation left standing

The Supreme Court voted 7-4 in Mexico to overturn extremist anti-abortion legislation on the state level (in Baja California), but it wasn't enough: Eight votes were needed.

This is tragic news, on very many levels. In Baja California (and possibly SLP - vote still pending over its legislation), many, many, women will die from unsanitary illegal abortions or will denied having abortions even if giving birth may cause their death. In other states, PRI and PAN local legislators will feel emboldened by the Supreme Court decision to press similar legislation.

The PRD and parts of PRI rightfully criticized Calderón's shameful intervention in the debate yesterday, threatening to push legislation to withdraw Mexico's reservations against the 1969 San José Pact.

The day after pill? Forget it; it will now be defined as murder.
A miscarriage? Unless you can prove it, you may be facing murder charges.

A sad day yesterday for Mexican women and human rights.

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