Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mexico's electoral institute prohibits political debates among contenders

I am not a legal expert, but it seems to me that Mexico's Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE) has truly gone overboard this time, far beyond its rights and duties: A couple of days ago, IFE decided to sanction the PRD and PAN for having held a debate among "pre-candidates," or among those vying to be their party's nominee for the governorship of Nayarit.

This in effect bans what are really primaries, and is an enormous extension of the IFE's reach.
The PT and Convergencia, to their discredit, had complained that a PAN and a PRD candidate, without officially having become their party's nominee, held a televised debate months ago, and IFE now struck it down as illegal.

Yes, holding a political debate is illegal until one is the party's nominee.

Waiting for a an AMLO-Ebrard televised showdown? A Peña Nieto-Beltrones debate over who has the best program? Forget it - IFE has banned it.

This is truly preposterous.

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