Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Narco Soliz Soliz : Last year, a candidate for Green Party federal deputy!

This is quite amazing: Last year, Saúl Solís Solís / Saúl Soliz Soliz, who was just arrested as an important figure within the Caballeros Templarios drug trafficking organization, was a candidate to be... a federal deputy!

While Solís Solís lost the vote, he was the candidate of the PVEM Green party, and here is his campaign video.


  1. Um... is this a case of "the 'drug war' is the continuation of politics by other means" or "politics is the continuation of the drug war..."?

  2. Now that's a post modern take on Clauswitz if there ever was one..
    And the PVEM of course claims innocence, "he was never a member"

    He was a candidate to be a federal deputy, for crying out loud. Any self criticism?