Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ex collaborators of Ulises Ruiz' government wanted by Interpol

If this is not a damning indictment of your government, I don't know what is: Interpol is instructing its organization (in 188 countries) to apprehend five former members five members of Ulises Ruiz' disastrous government in Oaxaca.

International warrants against your close collaborators - when are they finally going after Ruiz? Unfortunately, not very soon, it seems.


  1. Sorry -- I don't get why this is an indictment of the (Mexican) government. The article states that the Interpol order is at the request of the (Oaxaca) state prosecutor's office, because it's thought that these people are outside the country. I thought this was pretty much standard operating procedure for international fugitives (for example, Interpol picked up Roman Polanski, at the request of the LA municipal (or county) government, a year or so ago).

  2. Couldn't agree more: I am not talking about the Mexican government, but the Oaxacan government, which Ruiz headed 2004-10. I find the fact his collaborators are now on the run and wanted internationally, quite instructive. Thanks for reading!