Monday, August 29, 2011

Ominous sign for 2012: Mexico's electoral institute feuds

More on the internal troubles of Mexico's Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE), from a La Jornada report:

Not only is IFE, responsible for arranging Mexico's federal elections, missing three councilors yet to be appointed by congress, but finds itself completely divided 3-3 in bitter internal feud. The main protagonists are IFE president  Leonardo Valdés vs. Marco Antonio Baños and  Francisco Guerrero, who now fight about virtually everything, in an increasingly bitter tone. The latter two are close to PRI and operate essentially as the party's agents, yet Valdés is also facing criticism from PRD, originally positive toward his election, and PAN, for his leadership style, and decisions taken.

A very, very ominous sign for 2012 that begs repeating.

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