Monday, August 29, 2011

Gregorio Sánchez, essentially free

It was the first time one had ever been used in Mexico, and now ex-mayor of Cancún, Gregorio Sánchez can remove the electronic bracelet he's been wearing for the past couple of weeks. The case against him is still on, yet he is now free to go wherever he wants - before, he was limited to an area in Mexico City.

To boot: Sánchez had also been complaining that the incessant beeping from the bracelet, which apparently was low on batteries and possibly not even working, kept him awake at night...

Notably, Sánchez said he will not return to politics, but dedicate himself to business. Will it perhaps be in the tele-evangelical business? He has long been an evangelical pastor and has been emphasizing this identity while in prison, insisting on more than occasion that god speaks through him, appearing with his similarly white-dressed followers with a bible under his arm.

While we're still awaiting the final dropping of the case against Greg, it seems to me this is about as close to the end as we have ever been. It has been a thorough embarrassment for many, and not only the Attorney General (PGR), and many can't wait to put this whole debacle behind them.

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