Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ulises Ruiz's government: 13 key cabinet officials stole 4 billion pesos

A couple of days ago, Perla Woorlichs Fernández, the state comptroller of Oaxaca, announced that a whopping 32 public servants of Ulises Ruiz's government, including 13 in key cabinet positions, are implicated in the stealing of almost four billion pesos.

This is only a partial result of the ongoing investigation into Ruiz' disastrous rule of Oaxaca, 2004-2010.

It is important to note that just a month before leaving power, Ruiz' PRI-controlled congress trumped through a law that depenalized embezzlement. It is probably the only far-sighted measure taken by the priístas.

Now, current governor Gabino Cué calls on Ruiz himself for an explanation, and pointedly noted, "he is not exempt."

Here is a great PDF graphic that outlines where the money was allegedly - very probably - stolen from.

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