Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Arturo Valenzuela: PRI has changed

Arturo Valenzuela is nearing the end of not an exactly stellar tenure as Subsecretary for the Western Hemisphere - the U.S. State Department's highest diplomatic post for Latin America - and one might expect him to speak a bit more freely on a few subjects.

To a group of Mexican journalists, he gave his opinion of the PRI:
"I do not agree with the idea that here there is a party of dinosaurs... Frankly, I see renovation in the PRI. I see new sectors. I see new people. One has done an enormous effort to try to modernize the party."

As for his analysis, I couldn't disagree more. What "modernization" have we seen in the PRI, when the "new" faces of Humberto Moreira, Eruviel Ávila, Enrique Peña Nieto etc, merely continue exactly the same clientelistic and authoritarian practices of the "old" PRI?

What a parting gift to the PRI! Thanks for nothing, Arturo.

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