Monday, June 20, 2011

Teachers cheating on their exams

What an example to the students: SNTE teachers are cheating on their own exams.

The Mexican teachers union SNTE has for years fought tooth and nail against a required exam where they actually had to demonstrate that they have the required skills for teaching. Some progress has been made recently, and teachers who willingly undertake the test will receive a financial bonus of up to 60 percent of the salary. 

Yet La Jornada reveals that the very exams used to test the teachers are now offered up for sale to the teachers - so why bother study or demonstrate your skills, when you can simply cheat on this exam? 

Apparently, SNTE teachers linked to Sección 36 of Mexico State - the absolute stronghold of national SNTE leader Elba Esther Gordillo - have been offering the exams for sale for at least a week. 

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