Monday, June 20, 2011

PRD to boot out ex-governor from party

It's hard to find a state in Mexico with more political opportunism than Baja California Sur, at least by the standards of party switching - with the latest gubernatorial election a clear case in point.

Now, former Governor Narciso Agúndez Montaño, cousin of former PRD president Leonel Cota Montaño (who I have utterly lost track of in terms of what party he has jumped on to), will be kicked out from the PRD.

Agúndez Montaño, though nominally of the PRD, was widely regarded to have backed the winning PAN candidate (and PRD defector!) Marcos Covarrubias, yet the straw that broke the camel's back was his recent flirtations with the most cynical, opportunist, most devoid of any principles, party in Mexico, the Green Party (PVEM), which apparently is seeking to recruit Agúndez for some office in 2012. Good riddance.


  1. Last thing I heard was that Leonel Cota Montaño was a candidate for PANAL in Los Cabos. Nothing new after that?

  2. From what I recall he didn't win the seat - but you can be sure he is shopping around for any bidder, as is apparently his cousin...