Sunday, June 12, 2011

A new low: Bishop of Mexicali backs his "friend" Jorge Hank Rhon

It almost defies belief (no pun intended):

The Bishop of Mexicali, José Isidro Guerrero Macías, in a letter to the highly unchrist-like character Jorge Hank Rhon (who has 19 children and refers to women as "animals,") expressed his support for what he calls his "friend," and the "lamentable situation that you and your family is living through."

And, to be sure, he let Hank knows he is praying for him.

What an extraordinary job the Mexican high clergy does to undermine what little remains of its credibility.


  1. Indeed the archibishop's support for such a person so frequently linked to organized crimes by US organizations as well as by journalists and institutions of law and order in Mexico is disappointing to say the least.
    Certainly I would like to hear about what kind of funding Rhon has directed to what sources in Chihuahua to buy such unusual support at such an inappropriate time.
    By the way I studied in institutions such as those in which you now teach according to your profile. Best luck.

  2. edit: sources in Tijuana...(not Chihuahua)

  3. Though unfortunately, they are far from unique. We already know a lot of the dirty dealings of e.g. Onésimo Cepeda (where the hell does a bishop gets 137 million dollars in cash!), and many credible reports strongly suggests that Sandoval Íñiguez has ties to organized crime. Just like the sins - true sins indeed - of the pedophile Marcial Maciel, protected to the last by the Mexican high clergy, the truth of its ties shady business interests and criminal networks will one day come to light.