Sunday, June 12, 2011

Largest PRD faction favors Marcelo Ebrard´s as 2012 choice

Not exactly a shocker: Nueva Izquierda, (NI), the largest faction in the PRD and the one currently holding the party presidency, in its national conference this weekend, expressed a "predefinition" toward making Marcelo Ebrard PRD´s presidential candidate for 2012. According to the founder of NI, Jesús Ortega, in a clear allusion to AMLO:
I do believe in a libertarian left, attached to legality, inclusive, not exclusive. I believe in a left that represents the entire country, not just a part of it, and in a tolerant left, not intolerance and authoritarianism... Marcelo´s politics of widening the the rights of the citizens of Mexico City are symptomatic of the vision of modern left"
NI still reiterated it will respect the party´s final decision with regards to the final choice of Ebrard or AMLO  as PRD´s candidate. One can only hope AMLO´s backers within the PRD as well as its on-off allies of the PT and Convergencia, should Ebrard win the party vote, will do the same.

I am strongly disinclined to believe they will.

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