Saturday, April 16, 2011

No "desafuero, part II" in Mexico State?

Eruviel Ávila, PRI's candidate to succeed Enrique Peña Nieto as governor of Mexico State, notably declared PRI would not seek to impugn Alejandro Encinas' residency requirement in Mexico State, thus inhibiting the latter's candidacy. This is the second time Ávila has sought to distance himself from the national PRI; a few days ago, notably, he spoke out against PRI's national leader Humberto Moreira when in his typical drunk-rabble-rouser-looking-for-a-barfight style argued PRI would aplastar, or crush/destroy/squash the opposition. Ávila was careful to point out he didn't regard political opposition as something to be "destroyed."

Yet what if Encinas start catching up on the PRI candidate? The party, despite claims to the contrary, has not renovated or discarded its authoritarian, corrupt modus operandi. Expect the party to quickly discard its promise in this eventuality.

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