Saturday, February 5, 2011

PRI's dirty war in Mexico State has started: Antorchistas provide bus loads of potosinos

Police in Mexico State, to their credit, intercepted at least three bus loads of people from the state of San Luis Potosí, when they arrived in Mexico State to change, en masse, their residency from SLP to the colonias of Tultitlán, Villa Nicolás Romero and Atizapán de Zaragoza - areas where the PRI-affiliated "social movement" Antorchistas are strong. Ricardo Medina, in charge of a IFE branch where the potosinos wanted to change their address, said it was "very unusual" to see people doing so in this manner - quite an understatement!

It seems fairly obvious that this is just one more shot in PRI's dirty war to retain control of Mexico State. Through the Antorchistas, PRI is busing in loads of outsiders, changing their registry so that they can later vote in the state for the upcoming election. Already, more than 90 changes of residency were registered the past days in this particular IFE branch alone.

Indeed, María Eva García Hernández, an Antorchista leader, was traveling in one of the buses, but when approached by media denied any links to the group, and quickly disappeared from the scene.

Five months ahead of the election, the PRI's dirty war is well on its way.

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