Sunday, February 13, 2011

PRD in Mexico City rejects 2012 PAN-PRD alliance for city mayor

Hardly a surprise, yet now it's official: The PRD's council in the federal district rejected a possible PAN-PRD alliance in Mexico City for the 2012 mayoral election. The PRD's council in Mexico City/Federal District is dominated by AMLO loyalists, but seems quite united nonetheless that the only possible alliance behind a candidate Mexico City, the main bastion of the PRD, is with the PT and Convergencia.

The PRD-DF also presented a 10-point strategic plan for 2011 to promote the party vote and build the organization ahead of 2012, notably also including the point "Support the actions of the Legitimate Government and the Movimiento de Renovación Nacional (Morena)," the latest name for AMLO's movement. Reports are circulating that Valencia Guzmán, the PRD's secretary general in Mexico City and regarded as close to Ebrard, is complaining that PRD-DF is openly backing AMLO's movement, presumably also materially - and, by extension, AMLO's 2012 presidential bid, to the detriment of Ebrard.

In my eyes, however, the rupture between Ebrard and AMLO has already happened.

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